for rainy days                     雨でもいざと言う時には

IT GOES WITH OUT saying, Japan is located in a Temperate zone and we have rain season annually, which called Tu yu or Bai u 梅雨.
It starts around June and ends in early July.
Last week the end of Tu yu was declared and now we are in the middle of the summer.
About 80% of the archipelago is mountains with green and waters. So there is a rain almost once in three days. That means about twice a week is a rainy day. Sometimes rains all days of a week!
This year's rainy season is finished but there might be showers or drzzling, sprinkling rain or whatsoever.
Of corse I am not complaining about our climate and I do not like much grumbling in general, I' d prefer enjoy myself rather than complaining about it. Riding, enjoying bicycle in the rain is one way of my life.


I am not a follower of trends, I mean I am not spending much money for clothing and things. I do not buy magazines these days especially on fashions, trends, etc. But I DO HAVE my tastes towards clothing, outfits, costumes and things, you know. I just can not follow some fashion, like very tight fit ones which made out of jersey or polyester and do not want to something looks like alien's skull put on my head when I am riding my bike whether it is an ordinary commuting or recreational cycling. I do not care about cycle fashion, simply.
I do not spend much money for clothing than my younger days, however, I have got some tastes, in and out, yes or no.
I am not a racer or competitor so I do not want to wear these fashion.
Then last week I got an e-mail from Brompton about invitation of Brompton World Championship

The mail says.

"Rules for the event are not overly onerous, but poor dress sense will not be tolerated: a
suit jacket, collared shirt and tie are de rigueur for participants; sports attire is not
permitted, and Lycra shorts/leggings are specifically named, shamed and excluded.
Competitors will be expected to demonstrate their folding skills in a Le Mans style start.
Prizes will be awarded for the fastest male, female, junior (under 17), veteran (60 plus)
and team competitors, and also for the Best-Dressed. "

Yeeees! I like it!! Suits and tie are my usual attire for my btommie and I will never wear sports stuff for my brompton. I love this sense of humour.



『ルールは格段に厳しいものではありませんが、服装に無頓着な方のご参加はご遠慮ください。 背広の上着、ネクタイ、襟付きのシャツは最低必要条件です。スポーティーな格好は厳禁です。ポリウレタン製の短パンや股引は特に御法度です、これらの着用者はさらし者にされます。



this is made by Mont-bell, an outdoor sports brand from Osaka. Its very nice i mean the price the function etc. but unfortunately its not for biking!
the material is developed by the brand. Gore-tex is the best material in this field maybe but this one is cheaper and not breathable but allows moisture to penetrate. i put it in my pannier bag just in case.




I chose a poncho for a rain gear.
I do wear Kimonos and I would prefer suits than cycle fashion, so poncho can use for those fashion because its design is simple pullover.
If you wear a rain su
it, you should care about gloves, shoe covers. And if you use Brooks leather saddle you need a cover for a rain. But you do not need things because poncho covers not only saddle but almost everything from bottom bracket to top tube, handle bar etc.. It is just better use latest rain suit on your cycle fashion and gloves, maybe a saddle cover?

これなら、着物でもスーツの上からでもすっぽりと被るだけですみます。もしレイ ンスーツを使っていたら、手袋、シューズカバー迄必要になってきますし、もしブルクッスの革サドルを使っていればそれ用のカバー迄いります。でもポンチョ なら一枚でサドルからハンドル、それに足回りも覆ってくれます。サイクルファッションに身を包むなら多分レインスーツに手袋にサドルカバーで良いんじゃな いですか?

this is made by koyanagi, a clothing maker mainly for builders and workers. design is nicer than red one but its cheap and not function-able.
the material is waterproof polyester so its very hot to wear in june, july, august...
sorry no english.


In fact, ponchos are not fashionable these days!
You can hardly see a serious cyclist wears poncho in town.
There are some Obasan (Obahan in Osakan dialect)or middle aged women who use their ponchos, and those tribes are also on the verge of extinct. Modern obasans do not use ponchos these days.
But that's the crunch isn't that!
There are so many cyclist with sporty cycle fashion who rides MTB, Road Racer or Fixed gear. Apparently, they do not want to ride bike in the rain except for a race or a competition. And I am sure they choose rain jacket and rain trousers for some reason. Well, I choose traditional poncho.


I know this one but I did not want to buy it for some reason.
They say seeing is believing and that must be true!

It sure is much nicer than I expected but I just can not buy it for I am living in this climate! Perhaps you can buy it without the function of body moisture to escape in the climate of european countries though you can not use it humid and hot weather here I suppose. But this is the nice one! For its design, the look,
function and history etc.. yes, I like it.
This is The Carradice's classic.
See detail at my friend's shop.

The bike shop is committed to sell small wheelers and folders, especially Brompton.



At the moment there is not the best gear for rainy days from the functional and fashionable point of view.
The red one is not good design for bicycles and the blue one is not wearable in humid weather the same thing is to say to the green one. So I decided to order to make one. In the near future, I can show you on this website, perhaps.
And this is also important! BROMPTONS ARE made to fold.
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO cycle in the rain. All you have to do is just fold and take it with you on the tube, bus, taxi etc..