BWR, Brompton Wide Range hub gear. BWR, ブロンプトン社開発の内装変速

Hello, people long time no see you! I do not forget this blog,aren't I ?!

Now then, mates, hows everythin goin? Are you pottering?

If a Japanese person ask so, she/he is asking neither the art of clay nor Harry Potter. They might ask you something about cycling….






ですし、ポタリングと言う英語には自転車でブラブラする等と言う意味はありません。それに、貴方が普段color, center, subway, movie(colour, centre, tube, filmでは無く)と綴るのなら、それは米語なので英語のpottering では無く、米語のputteringと綴るべきです。


って、そんな事誰も気にしてませんよね!! 更に、解っても直しませんよね。



Last year I had some opportunities to ride a Brompton with BWR for some reason. I just want to share my opinion on it. The bike was 6 speed with 50T front and 13/16T rear M6L model, which means no dynamos, no rear carrier.


My first impression was light ! Since mine is P6R(sram/sachs 3 spd x 2) with Brooks saddle, dynamo & the things, the heaviest model of Bromptons. On the other hand too heavy for peddling if you use the heaviest gear.

Westerners is bigger than we far easterners, generally.

So there is not much care about the high gear? Probably UK is a flat land, compare to mountainous country like Japan.

I live in Osaka and we don't have much hills. Actually one of the best bike friendly place from geographical point of view(but not for morality and humanity, I 'd say worst for that matter, too bad!!).

3 speed is good enough if you use Brompton in town of Osaka. Actually, 2 of 3 speed will do in Osaka.


一般的に西洋人は、我ら東洋人よりも大きいです。なので、ギアも重めに設定?されてるのでしょうか。連合王国(通常イギリスと日本語で呼ばれてる地域。イギリス/英国と言う日本語はおかしい。Englandと言う国/地域、人種を指しますが、United Kingdome of Great Britain and Northern Ireland の一部しか、漢字でもカタカナでも表しません。序でに書くなら、アメリカも合州国又は連邦でしょうか。え、赤信号みんなで・・・ですよね!)は日本なんかよりも平地が多いのでしょうね。



Now I got it. I think it is better change to 44T front or 50T with 16T/14T.

Or 17t/14t ? Any suggestions?


そうか17/14丁? なんか良い案有りますか?

at last one of my best mate from uk surrendered. now he's got his brompton! geezer, i told u small bike must be the one of the best british!!


b4 hes buying hes bromton trying my brommie. i recommended 44t tho.


riding substitute brompton when we were cycling from Skai city, Oska pref. to Houryuji, Nara pref.. http://www.horyuji.or.jp/
he'd bought p6r but it wasn't there so he took someone else's.

he's a bit bigger than me and he choose 50t front. oh well each to his own...

then all set? now here's his p6r, far right, black one, with bwr.