Shimanami Kaidou(Shimanami Sea Root) iv kirousan etc. /しまなみ海道 四 亀老山 その他

  It is only 70 km from first bridge to the last one. You might be able to run through it a day. I do not think it is a great deal, just a piece of cake for some cyclsits. Lots of cyclists do that. Yes, not much time needed just for a run.
But I needed time for rambling. If I wanted to just passing over the bridges, I would wear tight-fit cyclists attire and would ride a road bike. But that is not my taste, both in fashion and as a tool for moving. And my aim is always not only cycling.


apparently all the rooms are facing the bridge and strait. this is a view from my room.lovey isnt it!!the inn is very cheap and bike friendly i took my brommie to the room. highly recommended.

  The 3rd day was a fine day. It was about to an end of the summer, although we had missed summer in Osaka before came to here. This summer was an unusual cool summer. So I was expecting much cooler than Osaka, but it was not as I wrote it in 1st chapter of this series. The sun was shining, not like yesterday and the day before yesterday. Very hot day it was. We had breakfast at the inn which we had bought at a local super market. There were many people in front of the inn for kick starting their touring around Shimanami Kaidou from here. Families, friends, club members...road bikes, MTBs, utility bikes, grannies and rented...lots of bikes and folks. I started to pedaling among these people for crossing Kurusima Oh'hasi again.


  At the top of Kirousan(literally old turtle/tortuise mountain) , there is a observation deck and it boasts the best viewing point in the islands. Although the hills are steep(for Bromptons), this must be one of you must see in the islands, after I went to there, now I say it clearly. There is a shop selling gelato or Italian ice cream, which is very popular dessert in the islads, on the top of the mountain. Sea salt is also famous indigenous product of the area. Hakata no sio or salt of Hakata is very famous sea salt. They sell salty gelato in the islands and that became very popular taste in the islands. The shop sells speciality taste gelato with using very rare salt. The hills to the top of the mountain were so hard for brompton although I managed to climbed up. I was so wet with perspiration, perhaps the most for this summer! I ate that special gelato but it did not taste much because loss of salt!!
It was a hot scorching day for hill climbing really, though the view and gelato deserve.


so steep more than expected. having a rest during the climbing.

no,not yet but the top of the mountain is soon.

the building itself was interesting 4 me. very modern.

  After the climbing up and down, heading for a port town for having sea food lunch in fisherman's village. Then we took a high-sped boat from Tomoura minato (port) to Imabari city. From Imabari city, we took a ferry to Osaka about 9 hour.


sea urchin is 1 of my faves.

heading 4 a hi-speed boat cycling the sea line.

waiting 4 the boat.

the boat arrived @ imabari port.

  I think I would like to visit there some day.
It has been called a "cyclist's paradise" "mecca of cycling" etc.. I think I understand why they call the islaamds so. Compare this to
Osaka (it must be hard for Osaka or any big city in Japan for that matter), Shimanami is indeed a paradise. There are fewer population than in Osaka, and perhaps they do not have chronic traffic jams, they are not being chased by time or dead lines, I know. They are gentle driver. When I arrived Imabari city, I noticed there were only few signals on the road. The roads and traffics are heavier than the islands of Shimanami but there were not many signals for a local city. There were street lights around zebras in stead of signals. When you standing at the edge of zebra, you will be lit up by these lights then drivers notice you, so they would stop and wait till you cross the zebra. Incredible for Osakan's eyes!! Dog-eat-dog manner is a typical way of urban life style, I am afraid. Yes, I knew we live in a very big city and you are always busy doing something. You have to be a street smart even you are only cycling in city, you need some nick for cycling but not obey the rule!! But do we really need to nick for cycling? Is car first manner so important? We cannot wait pedestrian at every corner on the street, can we!?


  It took me cycling around a century mile for 3 days, but I did enjoy the air of the islands. You could spend less time of course, but I would prefer slow cycling for the islands if I could.
If you are a foreign cyclist (and may be not a cyclist) and you would like to get in touch with old simple way of Japanese life, you should come here. If you want to see rich nature of Japan, you should. If you are planning to visit Japan, I recommend you to come here even if you do not bother to take your own bike since there are lots of rent a bike service, so you do not have to bring anything.


  Using ferry on the way back to Osaka. The ferry goes to Seto Inland Sea route, I could use Mac and e-mobile. This time was better than on the sinkansen of the first day of this trip.


all aboard, the nite ferry! orange ferry goes to osaka through the nite.

the ferry arrived @ nankou(south port) in osaka city next morning.

This is the end of the story.