the lost BROMPTON MEETING 09 and the concert of Gagaku music(+hit or miss fashion as always.) / 消えたブロンプトンミーティングと雅楽、三和会(そしていつもの行き当たりばったり) 

  The last Sunday I was going to take part in the Brompton Meeting in Osaka. I was appointed to make some tea during the event and I prepared some snacks and tea and the things. I choose very delicious darjeerling tea because you do not need to milk for it.
I had planed to go to a concert of Gagaku (Japanese ancient court music) after the meeting. Unfortunately that day rained and the organizer Chibaken. declared to cancel of the event. So it will be held next year.


  I was going to the concert if it is rain or not any way. A2C was not able to come the
Brompron Meeting for he had a business meeting that day but he was interested in my suggestion to go to the concert. Kasiwamoti, also a Bromptonaut, was going to be attend the Brompron Meeting, is interested in the concert either, so three of we went to Creo Osaka Minami.


  I really like traditional Japanese music, theatre, performing arts. Gagaku(雅楽) is the oldest music and dance. Perhaps the most oldest performing arts to survive until now. I have been writing about these kind of performing arts and theatres for this blog because my blog is not a cyclist's dairy. Needless to say, I like cycling and doing things with this. I like to go somewhere without specific purpose or aim, but I just do not want to doing things like to go there and just come back. I like drop off somewhere nice, something interesting to see, hear, feel.


  The concert was really nice. I have seen lots of these kind of performances and this was one of the best shows actually.
The music dates back to 6th century. Originally it came from China, Korea, Vietnam, Persia and other countries. Music itself is played these countries from some hundreds year ago. Only Japan remains its style and sound. These old fashion and music arranged Japanese taste and Japanese people made lots of new music of the genre in Heian Period(平安794 - 1192). Traditional folk songs, musics and dances also entered to the music of gagaku. Before Meiji Restoration(明治1864), many musicians, there were three schools of groups, Osaka(大阪the oldest), Nara(奈良) and Kyoto(京都the newest), were playing music on their own. Arrangement of music and appreciations were apparently different by the group. The modernization of Japan made new movement and musicians gathered to Tokyo to complete the music and forming a new group of performance for serving His Majesty the Emperor Meiji.
The music notes re-arrenged for there were three different music notes. The style was established again as Meiji Gagaku. This music thought to be a standard and three schools remains original way of music in Osaka, Nara, Kyoto....


  The name of the concert is Mituwakai, it roughly means three completed society. Mittu(三) means three. Wa (和) means complete in peace and the word suggests the way of thinking of Japan or Japan it self. Wa also means calm and unity. Wa koku(倭国/和国 koku means state, country) was an old name of Japan. Kai (会)means society. The three band(not the three group above) learning music by the instructor and some guest musicians played. The instructor and the organizer of this event is a priest of Shintonism(神道). The music is associated with Shintonism. You could hear the music at many shrines.


we took our brommies in the hall of the concert. the stuff members allowed us to take em.

  That day I went to the concert using the road along the Yamatogawa(Yamato river) and that was so fine although rained in the morning so as we had to be abandoned the Brompton Meeting! I was thinking to go to Nara by using this road after the concert.
Kasiwamoti and I were appointed by the organizer of the Brompton Meeting as a member of "Tea Troops" for the event. I heard he roasts coffee beans by himself and it made me to have a nice cup of coffee! I asked him before he left home to take some coffee stuff if he can and he said yes. I took some nice darjeeling tea and biscuit I prepared for the event. I thought coffee and tea after cycling would be lovely. So we headed Nara before dusk using the road along the river.


@1st we went 2 a local super market 4 getting some foods & stuff. then we had this in a common along the river on the way 2 nara.

4 there werent traffic lites bros dynamo & lites works hard. i like these roads coz there is no cars& not many cyclists using this road.

when we arrived nara we had coffee and tea. nice 1, the superb coffee!! splendid!! 1 of best coffee i v had. hes really fussy 4 coffee isnt he!


  Cheers my mates, Broptonauts always following my hit or miss fashion. I think my idea of to go somewhere is sometimes irritating or annoying for I do it with my feeling and instinct. Although we had some minor troubles like lost trains, flat tyres, lost ways in the mid nights etc.. however, I have been enjoying my "life with mobile bike" due to keep good relationships with you! Of course there were some of my friends through the net and some of them came to Osaka and we enjoyed small meetings!! I would like to express my gratitude all of my friends and peers. Thank you very much indeed. And so many people whom I have never seen but keep reading my blog and give some comments, messages and E-mails, thank you. I hope see you soon in my actual life.

This blog must be the last log for this year I suppose. Japanese language blog http://mandanhoudan.blogspot.com/ may be updated so do Twitter
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Merry Christmas, Have Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

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Brompton 2010 models news from CYCLE MODE international./ブロンプトン2010年情報サイクルモードにて

  The first time when I visit the CYCLE MODE international, about 5 years ago, I got a quite good impression although I found it as merely a trade fair at the same time.


  They say it was not so interesting this year because there were no Campagnlo, no Canondale, no such and such... But I do not mind at all those of conventional bikes and big names, brands etc. I do not think they changed its own style. They keep doing the same thing. It is merely a trade fair; not a cultural, environmentally friendly activity or something important for your every day life.
It is just a commercial event made by TV broad cast station. That is all. You have been changing your attitude towards life by riding bike, I suppose.

  今年はあんまり評判が良く無い様です。曰く、カンパがない、キャノンデールがない、何が無いかにが無い・・・てな感じなんですかね?僕はこう言う既存の銘柄にあんまり興味がないからまぁ、どうでも良いんですけど。けど、別にこれはサイクルモード自体が変わったとかと言う事ではないと思います。これ自体は始まったときから一緒やと思います。基本は企業主体の見本市で環境とか自転車文化とかなんかそう言うのとは全然関係も無い感じですかね。要はテレビ局が商業的にやってる一種の興行ですよ。ただ、自転車乗りとしての意識が変わって来たんではないでしょうか? それでただ単にこう言う雰囲気では物足りないのでは?

  Now you are much care about your health, environment, traffic rules even politics before you started riding bicycle. More than ever! So you need some information for bikes surroundings but they are not only parts and bits or gadget and gizmo. Bikes are becoming an important tool for modern urban people(though the situation surrouding the bikes are not good at the moment here in Japan). If you are standing at the point of view like that the event was not so interesting, actually rather boring if you ask me. But again, it was boring from its start for that matter, was'nt it!!


  BTW this year I have got a strange impression from Mizutani Bikes, one of the leading company in the field and the dealer of Bromoton and Birdy. When I asked the man on the spot about new Bromptons, he was answered friendly, not like last year. Last year I asked the staff member about changes for 2009, he stared me and asking "where did you get that information?" with a suspicious expression. And he went "no, there is no Brompton like that. This is the international model and you can not get any different models..." Then there came 2009 models different from "the international model" he showed us at the spot. He should have done as a nice sales rep at least and did not have to asking, staring at me! Anyway this year was not like last year.

  ところで今年はミズタニのところで不思議と好印象を得ましたw ここに居た方に2010年形式のブロの事を聴いたのですが、去年と違ってとても丁寧な対応をされる方でした。去年は09年の仕様の事を聴くとムッとしながら「どこで聴いたんですかそんな話し。いや、そんな事はありません。これがインターナショナルモデルですので、これが発売されます」てな感じでこちらをギロリと睨む様な感じでちょっと驚きました。で、蓋を開けてみたら結局あとに成ってこちらの言うてた仕様の物が発売されました。勿論インターナショナルモデルとは違う仕様で・・・。まぁ、その仕様の事はさて置き、こう言う見本市みたいな所での商売人の振る舞いとしての質問や対応ではないなと思いました。

Anyway the man said:
the new Brommies with hub dynamos will be available around July 2010.
there will be spare parts for hub dynamo kits and pre 2010 owners can get thorough Mizutani. this will be available from Oct. 2010.
So if you want to get a hub dyanmo installed Bromotpon, just wait and see. I am not sure of the prices of new configuration, but maybe the later, the better IMO.

Nice impression, however, there was something about P-6RX. I asked the man for test ride, but he said no because it had finished to accept the application for riding it. You need application beforehand? Apparently there was some document to fill in before riding it on the spot. I do not think it is a good idea and why is that? I do not know.



Coffee Brake.
There is a Seattle's Best Coffee near the site.
Not good place to having coffee and relax for a long time because the space is open and you feel cold even in a building with air conditioned. Although not so good place to be but there is free WiFi, FREE SPOT, is available.
Sorry no English.

シアトルズベストコーヒーが近所にあるのでそこでFREE SPOTでネットに繋げます。ゆっくりとコーヒーを楽しみながら寛ぐには向いてませんw 吹き抜け空間が大きくて空調が利いてないので。

i tried old style touring bike. i didnt know well about the bike & the brand but this was apparently Dead Poet's taste. when he visited osaka last month he told me he wanted 2 go visiting I's Bicycle in kyoto.the bike was i's bike's. well not my taste.
sorry no english.

old boy Puka Puka, an artist & designer, was there 2 sell t-shirt designed by him.it had been sold out before i came here.
Sorry no English.


the man of the mizutani gave me a small badge of brompton.
thats why i v got a good impression from mizutani? indeed! goes
without saying! actually he was nice as a rep/seller.

ミズタニの例の男性がくれたバッジです。え、そやから好印象やったと?当たり前やん!言う迄もないw 実際は商売人として物腰の柔らかい感じやったからです。

EXTRA  i saw lots of people doing like this on the road...sad....
おまけ 途中の道中こんな感じを良く見ました。悲しいですね。