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I 've got two folders at the moment. My first folder is a Birdy designed by German bike designer, maker R&M. Birdy is known as BD-1 here in Japan for a regal reason.
When I saw the Birday first time I was struck by its coooool design!! I thoght I have to buy it, there is no escape! The agent of BD-1 is Mizutani, it's the same company as Brompton's trader, which failed to sell under the name of Birdy, had to change the name of the bike. And there is another brand selling Birdy in Japan! It is Bianchi, yes, the European giant of bike maker. They name it Fretta. So there are two kinds of Birdies in Japan under different brands and maybe different marketing concepts.
My birdy is called Bianchi Fretta-T. The bike appeared on the very first time of my weblog.


僕は折り畳み自転車を二台持っています。最初の一台はBD−1です。これを初めて見た時になんとカッコいい自転車か、これはもう買うしかない!となってしまいました。厳密に言うと、BD−1では無く、ビアンキのフレッタですがこれは外観の問題で中身は世界中で売ってる殆どのBD−1と同じく、台湾のパシフィック社が造ってます。この自転車は、ドイツのR&M社が設計してBirdyの名前で当初ドイツでその次の年に日本でミズタニがBD−1と言う名前で売り出しました。欧米ではR&MのBIrdyのシールを、日本ではミズタニがBD−1のシールを、サイクルヨーロッパがビアンキのシールを貼って売ってる様なもんです。中身はどれも一緒、Made in Taiwanです。 什麼都一樣,臺灣作的吧!(どれもみんな、台湾製です!)


And there used to be another Birdy with the brand name of Pogeut. European giant again! The fact is that the two brands are operated by the same company, actually they do not sell Pogeut at the moment, Cycle Europe is the name of the trader. The bike was named Peugeot Pacific 18. It is very popular because Japanese love European Famous Brands(yes, we're one of the richest in the world). They just want to deluded by the name of French automaker's. You can find used Pacific 18(almost 10 year old) is selling on Yahoo Auctions with bloody expensive prices. Some times, you can see the dead stock with extra charge, that means much expensive than the original price!!!
How come? Ugh,some one buys? It sure is. Some people love name brands but not its function or quality.

sorry, no english.
BD-1 Mizutani http://www.mizutanibike.co.jp/index.html
Bianchi Cycle Europe http://www.cycleurope.co.jp/


BD−1 ミズタニ

ビアンキ サイクルヨーロッパ

Needless to say 3 bikes are made in Taiwan by Pacific Cycles.
And the consumers of these bikes tend to ignore where does it made but much care about which Brand it belongs or which country the brand comes from.
When I was thinking of buying a folder there was three Birdies like this.
I choose Bianchi because I did not much like things about BD-1and Pogeut Pacific 18.
The looks of three bikes are same(of course!) though the marketing concepts are slightly different. Peugeot was very popular among the people in Japan especially by city dwellers as fashionable-french-vehicle-maker, even if they are not sure of bicycles. The name brand is very attractive(for them). You can not afford to get the expensive french car, you can get an 'expensive for a bike', or both of the world of vehicles and bikes for Peugeot fans.


BD-1 is very popular (it has been called the king of folding bikes here in Japan) and a bit expensive than its counterparts.
The choice of colours are dull and the people around the bikes are otacky(otaku like, otaku oriented) for me. Campaign for adverts are silly and boring, always bimbo girls in bikinis with BD-1! Well, it's not bad for that matter and I do like bikini girls aren't I !


I visited many bike shops when I was thinking of buying a folder.
Lots of people and shop staff said to me that the Bianchi's componet and the things are better than BD-1's. That's one of reasons for me to get Binachi's. I am not an enthusiastic cyclist nor an athlete.I do not know the things about bikes and I did not know much but I even knew the name of Bianchi somehow. The selection of colours are nicer than BD-1. And it is less popular than BD-1, this is important for me. Maybe that is the main reason.


this is called sekisaidah(seki-cider,perhaps. sekisai,積載=to load or loaded. cider as a handle name, Saidah Remon or Cyder Lemon, the originator of this carrier) u can put the things on it and can carry it like Brompton. Exclusively Wada cycle sells it. there're some carriers available in japan but the design of sekisaidah is the best i think. i m not a hobby rider so bike must b practical. i need a carrier definitely, otehr wise u v got 2 carry heavy bureden on ur sholder, no noway! If u interest in this, visit the web/shop they can ship the things to foreign countries.

Wada Cycle http://www.wadacycle.jp/ *see export on the landing page.

and heres a 1 of my favourite web pages, the original planer of sekisaidah.
sorry, no english.




the front & rear suspension. front: cycle house shibuya's super-hard spring. rear : cycle house shibuya's hard spring. and there're some replacement parts available for f&r suspensions. although there are another suspensions for birdy by some shops, i like the coluor and design of this spring type suspension. the look matters.
Cycle House Shibuya http://www.cycleshibuya.com/

前はスーパーハードで、後ろはハードです。これで乗り味がぐっと変わりました。 最近はこれ意外にもサスが出ていますが。僕は見た目重視でスプリングにしています。
サイクルハウス シブヤ

fretta is waiting for the train @ the station. then on board. a bit larger than brommie so its not good 4 takin on the crowded train.

birdies in japan are not mud guard installed u should buy them with extra charge. maybe it's not practical for day to day use coz it rains almost 3 times a week!

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  3. ちっこくて機能的な自転車も良いのですが、私は昔のあのでっかくて重くて、子どもには三角乗りするしかないフジサイクルの自転車が忘れられません。今は、収蔵品として館に展示されています。

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  5. 誰でも乗れる、そして田舎の道でも乗れると尚良いですね。わたしゃ畦道通勤で、散々パンクして、もう自転車やめたろかと何度も思いましたが、他になす術が無く相変わらず乗っています。パンク修理も自分でできないことは無いですが、、、畦でのパンクはなぜか破壊的に大きな穴が空いており、自分で修理できないこともあります。


  6. >誰でも乗れる、そして田舎の道でも乗れると尚良いですね。わたしゃ畦道通勤で、散々パンクして、もう自転車やめたろかと何度も思いました


  7. excuse me, how exactly did u find ur bike back? My R&M BD-1 was recently stolen from my apartment biking compound. I already reported to the police, can u advise what i should do next? Thanks for your assistance,

  8. hi George,
    u r living in japan? if so check yahoo auctions. and maybe ask some bike shops through the net. there r some bike shops dealing used bikes and they accept 2 register ur bikes security no. in case of stolen bikes. actually police r not helpful. my friend found my bike on yahoo auctions & i showed my powerbook on the spot but they say they could do nothing LOL. i did persuade to move the police!!
    if u r living in japan and u need more help i think i can. give me some more info. to xinyiq@gmail.com