Shimanami Kaidou(Shimanami Sea Root) ii In'nosima'oh'hasi, Ikutibasi /しまなみ海道 二 因島大橋・生口橋


  Running at night with brompton is very fun. With brompton you do not have to worry about run time of batteries of lights. One thing you should do with brompton is nigth run. Much more fun than daytime in some respects. In summer days it is really hot for running bikes, but the night times are better especially if you are cycling around country side. Much cooler. There are few cars compare to day time. Off course running early in the morning is fun, however, if you are a bromptonaut try night ride.


  During the ride the sun settled. The strange places made me lonely, but also fun to ride. There were few cars in towns. Off course traffic lights are few too, so brompton's dynamo system work right again. I really like night run on my brommie.
Not many cars were there actually, and these cars are by very careful drivers.When they notice the bikes(or pedestrians)
on the way (or in the way!), they passing very slowly. When they notice us right from the against direction, they even speeding down. When you are crossing zebra, they will stop the car until you will be passed safely. It is unusual scene kinda in Japan, perhaps apart from in some country sides, as I have been writing here Japan is car centered and the driver is a prince.
The people in islands are relaxed. You will love the air.
Now I would like to express my gratitude to the local. Thank you very much! 
Not many traffic lights in the area, we could cycle around easily.


we cycle passed the 1st bridge in'nosima'oh'hasi, between mukoujima and in'nosima then 2nd bridge ikutibasi, between in'nosima and ikutijima. when we arrived @ city centre of ikutijima, the town seemed 2 b in the dead of the night! actually it was before 22...

 The guest house used to be a youth hostel. Actually, I did not realize that it changed to a guest house before I asked.It has onsen or hot spring and the beach is right in front of the guest huse, though I did not have time to swim. If you are going to visit there in summer, bring swim wear!  The guest house is good for budget tourist, but if you are fussy about it you should look for different inns, there are B&Bs and ryokan(Japanese style hotels and inns) around the port and in town centre.

  この宿はゲストハウス(この横文字をすっと解るんかな?けどまぁ、ここがゲス トハウスと書いてるし、これ又苦々しいがこんな言葉も浸食してきてる。民宿でええんちゃうの?)になってるが、ユースホステルだった所。予約するとき迄 ユースと思っていたが、今は違うらしい。けど、値段は安いしユースと基本変わらず。オーナーの方の手造り感があり、温泉もあり壁の絵はアウトサイダーアー トとかに興味がある人にはいいかも知れない。けどアウトサイダーアートとか何?って思う人で神経質そうな人には向かない。バックパッキングとか格安旅行に慣れてない人にはお薦めしません。島には港付近に宿屋や民宿があるみたいなのでそちらが良いかもしれません。そう言う意味では旅慣れた人向け のゲストハウスである。あ、でも海も近く素敵な所で次行くときもここにするかもしれません。

Setoda Tarumi Onsen. Sorry no english.
#the HP says setoda youth hostel opnes next to the guest house but there was not.

  Left the guest house in the morning,going for town centre to visit some places. I just wanted to see Kousanji(Kousan Temple) just out of curiosity. Before I came to the islands, I did not well about the places. I only know Ooyamazumi Jinja(Ohyamazumi Shrine in Ohmisima) and I was eager to visit there. The shrine is famous for collections of armour and helmets from ancient times. The temple was interesting and strange for the place of religion in some ways. I mean it was so unique. I knew it was built by a business man, who made fortune and he made a temple to dedicate to his mother's soul. I had written about it on my new blog漫談放談. Sorry, no English. I did not expect such collections, I spent too much time again!! 


kousanji(kousan temple) 耕三寺

  One of famous painters in Japan, HIRAYAMA Ikuo was born in this island. Before visiting Kousanji, we went to Hirayam Ikuo Museum of Art. I do not well about his art, paintings. I even did not know that he was born in this island.  One of the museum of Kousanji is right next to this museum and they have discount ticket for two 


Hirayam Ikuo Museum of Art. Sorry no english.

2 b con'd. 

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