rain cover for front bag/前鞄用の防水布

S Brompton with O bag for Kiyo http://blogs.dion.ne.jp/brompton/
M Brompton with Cloth Pannier for Mincoro
P Brompton with Touring Pannier for me.

The Brompton front luggage system is one of the best part of the folding bikes or the conventional bikes ever. If you an owner of a bromopton and do not using it, it's 'mottainai' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mottainai, surely!


Perhaps there are bikes which can run faster, lighter, smaller, than brommie but they are not capable of loading lots of things and transporting. Even conventional large wheel bikes can not defeat the luggage system. I dare to say the best system for every bikes.


I bought a Touring Pannier. I know the system before I have got my Brommie and I had decided to get the touring pannier because it was the largest one. Touring Pannier is not sold now and there is a successor called T-Bag.

this water proof cover is not made for brommie but it fit very well and genuine water proof!

Water proof rain cover made by Brompton, I bought it when I got the Touring Pannier, was an optional one. Unfortunately, it did not work well. The bag got wet whenever I use the cover. I bought Montbel's rainproof cover for ruck sack. Now, water proof rain cover is not an optional, it comes with T Bag. I have not tried yet new rain cover because I am not believing English people saying 'water proof rain cover'. Probably it does work for London's shower but not work for our rainy season's heavy rains, doesn't it!


montbel's latest 1, left and former 1 right which is designed 4 back packs & doesnt fit to touring pannier well. the former is suit for back pack design so it leaves something to be desired for brommies front bag. the latter is more 'square' design and it goes well.
the back side of the bag.

there are bungee cords on the back & the front top. you can adjust it properly on your purpose and content of your luggage.

Is there any one who knows this bag?
I would like to get one.
I just can not gather the information on this bag since I do not understand the language of the Netherlands. Apparently the bag is sold only in Benelux countries...

Est-ce que vous ne savez pas ce sac? J'aimerais en obtenir un.
Je ne comprends pas la langue de la Hollande.
Apparemment le sac est vendu seulement dans les pays de Bénélux

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  1. このモンベルのカバー、測ったかのようにツーリングパニアにぴったりですね。モンベルだからか価格も抑えられていますし、僕も買って試してみます。

  2. 今迄は縦長のバックパック用のを使ってました。そうすると、水抜きの穴が横に来るんですね。雨が激しいとそこから入って来ます。これは、大きさもさる事ながら、水抜き穴が下に就いてるのでその点が全然違います。

  3. モンベルのレインカバー、昨日神田のさかいやという店で購入してきました。縦長のカバーに比べて在庫が少なかったですね。


  4. Hi Xinyi !
    Great blog.
    Don't recognize your bag. They speak Dutch in the Netherlands, here's translation.
    "Kent er iemand deze fietstas ?
    Ik zou er graag een kopen maar ik vind er geen informatie over aangezien ik geen Nederlands spreek. Blijkbaar wordt deze tas enkel in de Benelux verkocht."
    You are based in Osaka ?

  5. Thomas

    Thank you for your kind comment!
    Just put the sentence in google translation and it went,
    "Does anyone knows this bicycle?". Bicycle? not a bag??
    Then I looked into the word "fiestas" on the net.
    C'mon gooooooogle!!!

    Yes, I am a typical Osakan.